• Max Lorenz
    The Married Man Sex Life Forum (MMSL Forum) was closed by its owners on December 27, 2016. The Husband Power Forum provides a place for MMSL forum refugees, along with new members, to continue marriage-positive discussions.

    The Husband Power Forum is just getting started! We are looking for active participants who want to help create an environment where everyone can find good advice on making marriage great.

    Unregistered guests can view most of the discussions without any commitment.
    Registered members (free) can view, post, and reply in most sections.
    Registered subscribers (just $9/year!) can view, post, and reply in all sections, and take pride in their support for this service.

    Register now and help make your marriage great!
  • Max Lorenz
    For those who want to browse the old MMSL Forum, there are several online archives of it including this one.
  • Talitha
    Has Husband Power never gotten off the ground? Yes I am female but the MMSL forums helped my marriage and sex life like none other. By reading men's ways of looking at things (and reading what they would only say anonymously), I finally understood what they want and who they are.
  • Max Lorenz

    Thank you for your inquiry. I also found the MMSL forums to be a great help. I don't have any way to reach the former MMSL community to let them know they are welcome to continue the community here at HusbandPower. I am providing this as a free service for anyone who liked what MMSL had to offer.
  • Stagger
    Many members of the community migrated to a private forum which is as lively as MMSL was in the day. I'd be happy to facilitate you joining us, just let me know.
  • Blackwulf
    If there are any old active MMSL Forum users that would like to come to the new private forum you are welcome to email me about joining. I am not a moderator, but I will put you through to the people who are to approve you. My email is
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Welcome to the Husband Power Forum!

You are not logged in, but guests are welcome here. If you are looking for the MMSL Forums, you've come to the right place. The MMSL Forums closed on December 27, 2016. The Husband Power Forum is not owned or operated by the Married Man Sex Life organization, but it picks up where the MMSL Forums left off.